So, finally David Cameron is officially the new prime minister of Britain after his party, Conservatives clinched victory in the 2010 election. After 5 days of rumours, finally the Conservatives and Lib Dem managed to strike a deal to form a coalition government as the Conservative failed to secure the majority at the House of Commons.

I read an article about who David Cameron is on the BBC news. Intelligence-wise, David Cameron has a perfect education records. He enrolled at Eton for his high school (Eton is a top school in UK, equivalent to MCKK) and obtained a first-class degree from Oxford University in some politic-related course. His professor describes him as the ‘ablest’ person in his class and some of his work in Conservatives attracted praises from the party’s top level. He begins his politic career in Conservatives by offering himself to work at Conservatives research centre. It is quite awesome considering that he is now the prime minister of Britain.

But in my opinion, the Liberal Democrats should be proud of their achievement and they are also the ‘winner’ in this election. The party that won the least seats in parliament holds the key decider on who will govern Britain. How ironic is that. Moreover, Nick Clegg was appointed the deputy prime minister and 4 cabinet posts will be reserved for Lib Dems MPs plus, they managed to implement one of their manifesto which is the electoral reform. Nick Clegg admitted the reason why he joins politics is to do the reform and I think the Lib Dems would be delighted with this outcome.

This is also a golden opportunity for the Lib Dems to show to the Britons that they have the ability and resources to govern Britain someday in the future. My classmate told me that the reason why he did not vote the Lib Dems was because he did not think Lib Dems are ready to govern the Britain unlike the Labour and the Conservatives which are far experience having govern the Britain for the past years.

As for Gordon Brown, he bid farewell on Tuesday in front of the no 10. Various comments and reactions were voiced about his career as the prime minister. Most believe he is a great chancellor but not a good prime minister. Most credited him for the way he handled the economic crisis. Looking back at his path to the prime minister, he became the prime minister without holding the election. His career path was more likely an unfulfilled prophecies. He aimed at becoming the prime minister when he was very young, create his own team that pushed him all the way to the no 10. An observer says his career is a tragic one, from a promising one to a disaster one.

Whatever it is, I hope the new government will bring some changes in the Palestinian issues or perhaps, playing more prominent role in stopping the blockade on Gaza, having a tough stance in keeping the Americans away from any influence in Palestinian issue. However that is unlikely to happen as David Cameron declared ‘Israel is our friend and we support the two-state solution’. And hopefully, they will do something to stop the Islamophobia created by the mass media.

And speaking about government, Malaysia government approved the legal licence of footballing gamble to BERJAYA this week. Much had been said about this issue and I read various comments from my friends and some prominent muslim scholars in Malaysia so, I have nothing left to say. But I would like to say this to the government, go and look for al-Maidah verse 90 (page 123), understand the content of the verse, search for the definition of haram, and then you will realize that the argument of “menutup kemudharatan yg lebih besar dengan kemudharatan yang lebih kecil” is completely rubbish and not valid.

p/s : entry ini untuk tunaikan janji kepada seorang kawan.


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my full name is ahmad zakwan bin abd rahman. born in gombak, selangor. previous school was sekolah berasrama penuh integrasi gombak(what a coincidence) and kolej mara banting. now a student of chemical and process engineering. very interested in soccer and i'm an arsenal fan(in arsene, we trust). this blog is created for the purpose of sharing my ideas and thoughts and also a space for me to sharpen my thinking. i would like to welcome everyone to my blog!

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  1. haha, go and look for al maidah verse 90 (page 123)…

    nnt saya suruh Dato’ Najib baca entry Ahmad Zakwan nih..:p
    Jaga diri okkay!

  2. nice post la…hehe
    aku x byk pun kngn dgn ayah…huhu
    semoga kite semua jd anak yg soleh/solehah

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