Nak buat business?

Have you ever watched The Apprentice series? I used to be a fanatic of that show but like any other TV show, the interest seems to fade away when I went to college at Banting. The American version had Donald Trump as the boss. And I just found out that there is also UK version for the apprentice. And currently, I am following Junior Apprentice on BBC iPlayer.

Well I am not going to write about the TV show.

The contestants of the Junior Apprentice are 17 years old averagely. Yet, it is very stunning at how they speak and work. The way they speak about themselves in front of the camera was very confidence and stylish. If the team lose, they have to go to the boardroom to defend themselves so that they will not be fired. At that period, they have to face Lord Sugar, Britain’s successful businessman and I was very flattered at how they answer the questions and defend themselves. If I am in the boardroom, facing the man with such a status, I would find myself to crumble after being asked questions and questions. But these kids are exceptional. They speak very confidently about themselves and clearly the status of Lord Sugar did not bother them. One thing that you can learn from these kids is how confident they are about themselves and how bad they want to be a winner.

The background of the contestants was also interesting. One of the contestants left school at 14 to start his own business. The business was very simple, selling groceries items yet he managed to make a sum amount of profit within 3 months of business. He even said that his parents’ were against his decision to left the school. Another contestant who is 17 years old, is already the CEO of his own company, doing online business. I wonder what is it that makes them so confidence and bold enough to make such big decision at the age of 14-17 years old. It seems like they have already sorted out their future at such young age and very committed in achieving it.

I reflected back on myself when I was at their age and it is very different. When I was in form 3, I only planned for my PMR and my next school. I started to plan my career after I got my SPM result.

Thinking about these Junior Apprentice participants make me think that how close they are with our beloved prophet Muhammad during his young age. Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h was a businessman and started to work as a shepherd, taking care of sheep. Prophet Muhammad was a good businessman also, entrusted by his wife, Khadijah to be her business representative which I can’t remember the place’s name. And I think there is one hadith by the prophet which says 9 out of 10 income sources come from business. Clearly. prophet Muhammad encourages his followers to do business.

The reason why prophet encourages us to do business is because the importance of a strong economy for a community. History proves that a country with a strong economy will always be steps ahead compared to other countries. We look at Malaysia today, and we could see the major and top companies, most of them were owned by non-muslim. The issue of Muslim consumers being cheated with haram materials is because the Muslims failure to control the economy. Had we have a good grip on the economy, we will start to produce our own products which insha-Allah, halal for the consumers to use it.

I have an utmost respect towards Johor Cooperation , known as JCorp for their effort in doing the “Jihad Ekonomi”. Johor Cooperation is a well-known company which diversifies in their business venture such as healthcare (KPJ), palm oil and others. One of the biggest achievement of JCorp is their success to secure the KFC (M) Holdings under JCorp wing. So, KFC Malaysia is totally 100% owned by bumiputera. Another bumiputera company which also shares the same vision as JCorp is HPA Industries. Most of us may familiar with the kopi Radix advertisement with the tagline “mai secawan”. HPA industries effort is also wonderful. They opened the RFC (Radix Fried Chicken) as an alternative to the western fast-food franchise and produces the Radix Kola as an alternative to the Coca-Cola.

As a Muslim, I think we should support our local companies effort to make their “jihad ekomomi” vision becomes true and successful. I believe if the Muslims are able to control the economy, there will be no longer issues of consumers being cheated with haram materials in their items. And this could be a starting step towards implementing the Islamic economic system which is far fairer than the capitalist system where the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.


About zakwan87

my full name is ahmad zakwan bin abd rahman. born in gombak, selangor. previous school was sekolah berasrama penuh integrasi gombak(what a coincidence) and kolej mara banting. now a student of chemical and process engineering. very interested in soccer and i'm an arsenal fan(in arsene, we trust). this blog is created for the purpose of sharing my ideas and thoughts and also a space for me to sharpen my thinking. i would like to welcome everyone to my blog!

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  1. x nak..x pandai bisnes
    pandai habiskan duit je..hehehehe

  2. give permission to promote this entry ok

    skima plak


    pasal aku ko xcite
    the intern!!

  3. pernah berbual dengan an iraqi friend
    kata saya, muslims kat sini ramai yang belajar medicine. saya rasa itu perlu as a muslim obligation. kira macam fardhu kifayah la. kalau orang islam britain meninggal ke, ada doktor islam, boleh ambil alih religious observance.
    tapi kata dia, umat islam jugak cannot discount the fact that it is important untuk kita ceburi business. orang jewish sgt galakkan org2 mereka ceburi business. it is reflected sbb many CEOs of giant companies are jewish.

    Lord Sugar pun jewish jugak and kalau tak silap, penaung dan penyumbang utk jewish hospitals.

    tak minat tengok apprentice usa. rasanya apprentice uk lebih menarik, sebab closer to home (home sheffield la haha). tapi, yg penting memang budak2 tu pandai bercakap. but to justify to that, thousands auditioned. so semestinyalah yang pandai bercakap will be chosen to represent junior apprentice in national television, right?

    however i admired each and every one of them for their pursuit in business in studies. should be an encouragement to all. the junior apprentice was also initiated, if i’m not mistaken, as an initiative to represent young people in britain in a good light. because there has been so much bad light on britain’s young people – yob culture, drinking and all..

    panjang lak, sori. keep on writing. also, senang2 tu komen la blog saya gak (haha sempat gak promo).

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