Bola antarabangsa.

So finally, the World Cup 2010 had ended last Sunday night at Johannesburg. Spain’s golden generation finally fulfilled their prophecy as the best team in the world (currently) after conquering Europe in 2008. Although the way they did it is less fashionable in terms of football compared to the Eurocopa triumph in 2008, but who cares because the outcome is the one that matters the most, world champion. They play their typical game of ball possession and they are rewarded for their faith in their playing style.

I supported England for this world cup as they are the country that I have a bit affection towards them. And honestly, I am very dissappointed with the way England performed at the world cup. They headed to South Africa with favourite tag to lift the world cup and as I have mentioned before, this is the best chance that England have to win their 2nd major title and yet, they screwed it and never make themselves look like a world class team. England are used to be a quarter-final team and it had gone from bad to worse as they could only reach the last 16 and suffered a heavy lost to the young Germans.

To say England is not on par with Germany would be an understatement. Had Lampard’s goal is counted, I believe it would be a different story in the second half. England was in ascendancy as the game wore on and yet, they were unpunished by the breathtaking counter-attack move by the Germans. Arsene Wenger’s opinion would sum up perfectly why England lost, they were too eager to get the goals. And for this to happened to a very experienced side is a bit confused. England got the free kick and yet it is the Germans who ended up with goals.

And speaking of Germany, they are the most entertaining side in this tournament. Most of the players are still young but they outclassed England and Argentina and made it look very easy and simple. Nobody rates them in the same league as Spain or Brazil but it turns out, they are the team to watch at the world cup. This is just a good start for the new generation of Germany football team and they will definitely win something in the years to come. I remembered what the commentator said about Germany that England should take notes about it. 10 years ago the Germany football federation sensed there is something wrong with their national team that they decided to revamped their Bundesliga and the youth program. Whilst the English Premier League continues to attract big names to England and proud of their status as the best league in the world, Germany stick to their own project, modelling the national team in Bayern Munich and now, they are reaping the rewards so kudos to the DFB.

This world cup also showed something that is very significant, the fall of the football biggest stars and the rise of the underdogs. Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo all failed to deliver. Rooney and Messi even exited the tournament without scoring a goal. In the other hand, Diego Forlan almost single-handedly  took his nation, Uruguay to the final of the world cup. Young stars also are emerging form this world cup. The names that attracted me were the German trio of Mesut Oezil, Thomas Mueller and Sami Khedira, Fabio Coentrao of Portugal and Elia of the Netherlands. I hope to see them performing a lot better at the next world cup.

Above all, South Africa deserved a big applause for their success in staging the 2010 world cup. Everyone doubted their ability as South Africa is known to have a high crime record but in the end, it was a successful world cup with less crime reported during the one-month event. So the world cup ended, now everyone will shift their attention back to their favourite club. For Arsenal, I am not sure if this is a goodbye to Cesc Fabregas but whatever will happen, Arsene Wenger must do something for this coming season.

p/s : I wrote this entry on last week’s Monday and yet, I only manage to finish it now. And oh, I think I need to reflect on myself back, maybe there is something wrong with me. I don’t know.


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my full name is ahmad zakwan bin abd rahman. born in gombak, selangor. previous school was sekolah berasrama penuh integrasi gombak(what a coincidence) and kolej mara banting. now a student of chemical and process engineering. very interested in soccer and i'm an arsenal fan(in arsene, we trust). this blog is created for the purpose of sharing my ideas and thoughts and also a space for me to sharpen my thinking. i would like to welcome everyone to my blog!

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  1. tajuk x leh blah..bola antarabangsa!
    tukar sikit jadi lawak antarabangsa!

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