The Silent Ummah.


Last Thursday I attended a talk given by a former Guantanamo Bay prison detainee, brother Mouazzam Begg and maybe I can share something here. He is a Pakistani and was handed by Pakistan government under the regime of General Pervez Musharraf to the United States government. Maybe CIA or NSA I am not so sure. He was captured at his place, with his head covered and gun pointed next to his skull. He spent about 8 years in the Guantanamo Bay before being released.

Anyway, the title of the talk was “The Silent Ummah:Aafia Siddiqui”. Who is Dr Aafia Siidiqui? Here is some informations that I can share with you:

  1. She is a Pakistani, mother of 2 childrens.
  2. She disappeared with his childrens from Pakistan and was believed to be disappeared through Rawal Hindi. Some believed that she was handed by Pakistani Authority to the US authority. The United States however, denied the claim.
  3. She was in the wanted list by FBI. The person who is believed to be the mastermind (after a massive amount of torturing) behind the 9/11 list her as his relatives. This could lead to her arrest.
  4. Brother Mouazzam was prisoned at.. (I forgot the prison’s name) and every night he could hear a woman’s scream in the prison. The prisoners never knew of the screaming woman’s identity so they named her prisoner 650. Years later, Borther Mouazzam and 4 others escaped the prison and after some information, they believed prisoner 650 is Dr Aafia Siddiqui. The United States, in a desperation called a press release to deny the claim. This then lead to Dr Aafia Siddiqui.
  5. She was then framed by the United States authority, by placing her at the front of a Afghanistan authority with bombs all around her body. The CIA (if I am not mistaken) arrested him and accused her of attacking the American soldier that lead to her incarceration. Brother Mouazzam said off all the people whom are arrested, no one ever manage to snap the weapon and attack the American soldier. Another blatant lie by the Americans.

This was the first time I heard of a story of Dr Aafia Siddiqui. There are many other cases like her that nobody knows, except the United States government. The Guantanamo Bay prison is specifically concentrated on one faith, Islam. He met friends from many places including Malaysia and all of them are Muslims. Obviously, this is a war against Muslim. They create a term called as ‘Jihadism’ and indoctrinated bad things with the term. And the results, they must arrest these ‘jihadists’ and place them at the prison, particularly in Guantanamo.

Why is this happening? Brother Mouazzam said this is happening because we are being silent. Why are we being silent? Because the fear of being watched by the CI’As, NSA’s and FBI’s clouded our judgment. However, we always forgot that indeed, we are being watched everyday by Allah. In Imam Nawawi’s matan arba’in, in the second hadith the prophet spoke about ‘Ihsan’. ‘Ihsan’ is defined as you perform the ibadah with the feeling that you are seeing Allah whilst it is not. This is the fear that we should attained in ourselves. An absolute fear that makes us the people with actions. (Quran check : al-Anfaal verse 72)

Although they are being held in prison for many years, they never lose hope on Allah as the believed this is a test for them. Instead, the use the prison as a place to become a better person. Most of the detainees managed to memorize the entire al-Quran during their detainment and they did that similarly like how al-Quran being revealed in the first time. Everything is changing once they entered the prison, no families etc but al-Quran is the only similar thing before and after they spend their time in prison and gives them solace.

We always hoping that someday, the Guantanamo prison will be closed but according to brother Mouazzam, the detainees never felt excited upon hearing Barack Obama’s promise to close down the prison. And I think they are exactly right. To date after becoming the president of United States, they are still no solid actions of the prison being closed and there are still 174 detainees inside the prison. How should I put it, maybe is is just another fairy tale or a presidential campaign stunt to convince the poeple to vote him?

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