Entry pemanas blog.


Rasanya, blog ini sudah terbiar agak begitu lama. Saya ada terfikir untuk membiarkannya sahaja berkubur tapi masih lagi tergerak hati untuk melakukan sesuatu kepada blog ini.

A lot had happened recently, some of it are good news and some of it are bad news. Whatever it is, Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah for giving me the strength and drive to moving forward, for the roughly 6 final months in the UK.

I do not know what to write in this entry because, I do not know what to write. But recently, I have been thinking a lot about life after university, on which path shall I go for. The priority for me now, is to secure a job in the oil and gas field. Some say they pay you a handsome amount of money but honestly, I do not think money will motivate me because give me anything that I love to do, then I shall do it with the highest motivation.

I have a chat with a postgraduate student while doing my lab works for the final year project and he told me I should be thinking of further my study to PhD level in the UK. It is a lot easier in the UK, given that I will get my MEng in the UK, insha-Allah. However, I do not think I have the drive to further my study to PhD level. I think, it would be much much better that I pursue my PhD (if and only if, I want to) after having some years of experiences under my belt. Experiences always win you titles, right Arsene? Besides that, I think it is getting harder and harder to study chemical engineering. My grades have been ups and downs and sometimes, I feel like I just want it to end as soon as possible. If you ask me what you should not do as a student, I will tell you to never get easily too satisfied with your performance in the exams because you have 4 years of university life, not 2. Am I losing a little bit of drive and motivation? Yes, and it happens after I got my 2nd year results.

Well, thinking about life after university is not solely about works and PhD. At this point in life, you will start to think how I am going to live my life after this? Typical human would live their life normally by having 9 hours at the office, going home and then spend some times with family. Then during the weekend, maybe you will have a sightseeing in the city with your family, having lunch together.  I mean, is that all there is for us to live?

Allah mentioned in holy Quran in chapter 51, verse 56;

“Tidaklah Aku menciptakan Jin dan Manusia kecuali untuk menyembah kepada-Ku”.

In this verse, the context that Allah told us is the obligation for us to fullfil our responsibility towards Allah by obeying what he instructed us to do, and leave entirely what he told us to. I believe, each and everyone of us dreamed of jannah as our final destination in the world hereafter. Some of us might think, with being an obedient slave, insha-Allah we will enter the jannah as promised by Allah.

I remember of listening to a talk by a muslim scholar, he said that if we dreamed of entering the jannah by only being an obidient slave, perform the 5 daily prayers and fulfill the other 4 pillars of islam, then we might enter the jannah but not the one of the highest level, jannatul firdausi. I reckon everyone wants the best for him/herself i.e. we will choose mercedes AMG over perodua Myvi SE. Therefore, if we want to achieve the highest jannah, then we need to be more extraordinary, having that extra cutting edge that we could present to Allah during the judgement day. And what that extra cutting edge is, that is for you to discover.

I am now trying to re-define my purpose of life and at this stage, I think it is still not too late. Let us re-define our purpose of life as this place, is the land for us to plant our seeds for the hereafter world.

I think I have to stop here. Hopefully I can write something more beneficial after this.



About zakwan87

my full name is ahmad zakwan bin abd rahman. born in gombak, selangor. previous school was sekolah berasrama penuh integrasi gombak(what a coincidence) and kolej mara banting. now a student of chemical and process engineering. very interested in soccer and i'm an arsenal fan(in arsene, we trust). this blog is created for the purpose of sharing my ideas and thoughts and also a space for me to sharpen my thinking. i would like to welcome everyone to my blog!

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  1. we will choose mercedes AMG – APAKAH????

    balik malaysia la wan, kerja 9 jam sehari lepas tu weekend sightseeing xdenye
    atas kertas semua tu

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