The forgotten occupation


Remember the year of 2003? The year in which US and Britain joined forces invaded Iraq for the sake of Iraqis liberation. You know it was a lie. A pure lie. It has been a chaos in Iraq since then, with bombs everywhere and it happens almost everyday.

Last Monday, I was able to attend a talk by Dr Dahlia Wasfi with her presentation titled: Crisis in Iraq: The forgotten occupation. She is a good speaker with good sense of humour. She holds an American citizenship, and was born to a Muslim father and a Jew mother. I am not sure of her religion however. Here are some interesting points about Iraq after 2003 invasion,

  1. The weapon mass destruction (WMD) was a lie. She mentioned about 10 Downing St memo, which is a minute meeting between Tony Blair (Britain’s prime minister in 2003) and his security advisers. The meeting agreed that the invasion in Iraq is inevitable for the people liberations by claiming the existence of the WMDs.
  2. The invasion of Iraq however, was never about people liberations. It was always about the oil and profits. The people, whom are responsible for the invasion are connected to the oil industry in the US. George W Bush and his family is known for their family business with oil, Condoleezza Rice (current US diplomat) has an affiliation with Chevron and Dick Cheney (Bush’s vice president) has an affiliation with Halliburton. Chevron and Halliburton are oil companies.
  3. Meanwhile, neo-conservative zionist also had their parts in the Iraq’s invasion. I forgot what their full name are, but Perle, Wurnsen and Faith in 1996 reported to the US that Iraq have WMDs in their possession and the U.S should invaded Iraq to solve this problem. And in 2006, these 3 Israelis are the lobbyist in the U.S and they even devise the U.S policy for international relation.
  4. Everything in the Iraq is allowed to be touched by the U.S and Britain armies except the oil plant and facilities. Even the national museum’s items had been looted.
  5. In 1960, during the political turmoil in Iraq, in which the country could possibly ruled by the communist, the American trained a young man to carry out their ambitions in Iraq in which to stop the communist from ruling Iraq. The young man is known as Saddam Hussein. This revelation is truly shocking.
  6. The Americans created a strife between the sect. Before the invasion we never heard of the issues between the sunnis and the shiites but today, the issue even had been dragged into political conflicts.

These are the point that I could remember very well. I did jot down some important points in my phone notepad but suddenly the notes went missing. Something in which never happened before. Hope the informations are beneficial for you.

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my full name is ahmad zakwan bin abd rahman. born in gombak, selangor. previous school was sekolah berasrama penuh integrasi gombak(what a coincidence) and kolej mara banting. now a student of chemical and process engineering. very interested in soccer and i'm an arsenal fan(in arsene, we trust). this blog is created for the purpose of sharing my ideas and thoughts and also a space for me to sharpen my thinking. i would like to welcome everyone to my blog!

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  1. Salaam…I try to keep track of what is posted on the internet about me with Google, and I found your post. I am truly honored by your attendance to my talk and the amount of information that you took away from it. That is a great thing to know as a speaker that I could reach you. Very best wishes, and my humble gratitude to you, Dahlia

    • Salaam Dr Dahlia.

      it is an honour for me as well to know that you happened to read my entry. I hope my entry could motivate you to pursue your quest for justice and truth. the world absolutely need more brave and energetic people like you to stand up against the opressors.

      I look forward to hear more talks from you in the future 🙂

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